On Being Thankful

I recently made a decision to make sure that I thank people as frequently as possible when they helped me with anything, regardless of whether it was “just part of the job” or not. When I’m face to face or speaking with someone on the phone this is an easy task. While I wasn’t raised in the South, I was still raised to say (and know why I ought to say) thank you, please, pardon me, you’re welcome, and other such phrases and behaviors to get along in society at large.

My problem is that I communicate with many people via fax or indirectly via email or indirectly through a liasion of some sort. I make many requests for assistance and need fairly prompt responses from people that I never actually speak with. It has made me feel guilty in some ways because they provide a service, a neede service, and rarely actually see how their service is benefitting others outside of the general knowledge that it is necessary in theory. The personnel that work in a Medical Records Department are the individuals that always come to my mind first. They get stuck in the basement or back of some facility and rarely actually get to speak with any of the people that are making demands of their time.

Earlier this week I had decided that even if I had no idea whom it was that was helping me, I could still thank them. I feel the slightest bit of guilt about it because it will require more paper to be used, but the only way I know to connect with any of them is via fax, the same method through which I make my requests for service. So I sent a single sheet of paper, a cover sheet with all the same contact information that I has used to send my original request, only my message was just a quick thank you, especially for the propmt response. Quick, simple, and only took about 30 seconds of time.

It’s silly, but I was pretty happy with my decision to make sure I thank everyone. It was nowhere near how great I felt when I received a simple response, “My pleasure,” still from some unknown person in Salud Medical Records. That simple response written on the bottom of my cover sheet and sent back to me made me even more determined in my effort to demonstarte how much I appreciate the things people do. Especially because I hope to demonstrate through my wee bit of extra time and indiviual effort that people will be able to see that it’s not some empty platitude, but something that I honestly feel. Maybe it will help someone to smile or someone else will be reminded that what they do does have an impact and makes a difference. If I can be a part of helping others like that then I am content. Happy even. It’s one of the many things on a long list that makes me happy.

Here’s to finding new ways to share happiness, joy, and a thankful spirit. 🙂


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