Random Thoughts From Today

A list of several random thoughts I had throughout the day:


I blog too much about the same sort of things. I need to change things up.

Wow, I do a lot more follow up on Mondays and take a lot more active role in the treatment of my patients. Or is it knowing that I’m going to be getting more things to take care of at work and knowing I need to be on top of things. Or it’s just a passing phase. That would suck.

I feel really sad for my friends. They lost a very sweet, young, and quirky pet this morning. I want to do something for them.

I’m catching up with some TED Talks on the Science Channel but was kind of annoyed last night. There were some interesting talks, but others were presentations from very biased individuals that don’t have all the facts or don’t want to give information about other ideas or theories.

There’s evidence that particular DNA codes have a strong influence on whether someone is more or less altruistic and/or humble. Need more information.

I have a patient that has an actual diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is fascinating to me and I will have to resist the urge to search her chart for more in-depth info about it. Maybe a post later about this?

I really want to take the MMPI for myself. But it does cost quite a bit and insurance tends not to pay for it because of curiosity. Sad panda days.

I wonder what it would be like to believe in God in the way that most of the people who follow a monotheistic faith do. There is so much here that I would like to explore. This deserves a blog all on its own. Noted.

It’s 4pm and I’ve totally lost all motivation for work today. I got done all the important things but there are still a few things that I should be doing. *sigh*

Martial arts lesson tonight was good. I really, really enjoy the learning the strikes and stances for Kenpo karate. Now just to work on my blocks and those damn katas. And I need to practice the self-defense things more. I stop to think too much rather than act. Bad.

Stupid cyst is still bothering me, though not so much with the pain. Now it’s nausea when I exert myself too much. Still can’t do the more interactive martial arts like grappling and sparring. Fail and a half.

Snuggling with my husband is the most comfortable place in the entire world. Nothing is better than feeling him so close whether he’s just relaxing or being silly and trying to make me react to the random things he does.


There were many other things, and I had some other thoughts that actually could be blog posts on their own as well earlier this morning while I was on hold and driving, but I guess I will just have to hope I remember them later.

I have no idea why I thought this was worth blogging about, but it was a change of pace I suppose.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From Today

  1. Thanks for the follow and the “like” on my last blog post! It’s exciting to know someone appreciated what I had to say. =)

    I’ve read some of your posts, and wanted to leave a comment. I like your stream of consciousness on this post. I do the same thing pretty much whenever I talk to people, lol.

    The Dissociative Identity Disorder case is interesting. I only know what I’ve seen from “United States of Tara” and one introductory psychology class (and some online research because I tend to fixate on people’s psychological issues, lol). I don’t know how eithical it would be to elaborate on her case, but do you know if she had significant trauma?

    I found your sentiment on having faith in a monotheistic god fascinating. I’m an atheist, and I think it’s all incredibly irrational (and oftentimes detrimental), but sometimes I’m envious of the comfort this feeling seems to give people. I freak out when people tell me “everything happens for a reason”, though. That is not a comfort at all. I have a friend who’s also an atheist, but he subscribes to a determinist worldview. I don’t see how this is much different than believing in an omnipotent god since it enables him to shirk responsiblity for his actions. The idea of autonomy and conscious action is very important to me because I think that without it, we couldn’t have a basis for moral or virtuous action in society.

    Yay for wanting to learn more about politics and daily news! That’s kind of my life, lol. You can definitely get over-immersed. I like what you said about how ignorance isn’t bliss and it’s inexcusable. I feel that way about religious belief. What really bothers me is when people try to put faith and science on equal footing when they are not at all similar and certainly not equally probable.

    • I am just happy that I came across your post. I didn’t have time to wander about your blog to much more yet, but I fully anticipate doing so this weekend.

      I have not worked enough with the particular case that I mentioned here, but yes, she has an extensive trauma history. I have one other patient that should have had a DID diagnosis along with her PTSD diagnosis who also had a significant trauma history. I got to know her better and was witness to several of her dissociative incidents. She nearly always regressed back to one of several ages, 4, 7, and 12, depending upon what was going on at the time. It was scary and fascinating and so very informative and gave me a much better look at the many different ways that someone can “learn” to protect themselves. It’s also been a learning experience for me regarding my own episodes, mild though they were, with dissociation. I will probably write a post about that at some point in time as it is a topic which I like to explore at various points in time.

      I am always interested in the ways that other people view their world and what affects their decisions in how to live their life, and growing up in North America, I have been exposed to monotheistic religions the most. I am a pantheist/buddhist (non-theist?) and subscribe to a concept of karma and reincarnation and that we’re all part of something greater than ourselves, but it is not conscious, if that makes any sense. My husband has a very different view of religion (up to stating that believing in the Christian God is the most logical approach partially because it carries the least amount of risk) and especially determinism vs free will and will tell anyone who asks him that it doesn’t matter and that they are, well, stupid for thinking that it matters or putting any energy into a debate. If it’s one or the other that’s all that matters and we will never know and so why put any energy into such things? I guess I just want to know why I believe something different from what someone who believes in God(s) does. I can understand the agnostic/atheist view much easier, it’s this whole concept of a God that throws me off. This will be getting its own post as well because I need to explore it more. Especially after the rather uncomfortable discussion that degraded to something resembling an argument several times tonight. Personally, I agree with your opinion regarding the need for a society that believes in free will rather than determinism, if only to actually maintain that society.

      I’m torn between believing that science is entirely able to explain everything in this world and a desire for there to be something more beyond what our science will be able to explain. The second may be my desire for some greater purpose beyond what appears to be a rather straight forward and biologically driven random spoof of the natural world and the development of life on this silly little planet. So, I guess in some ways, I’m just as fixed in my opinion as people who subscribe to a particular religion. I am just a bit quieter about it because it isn’t the accepted norm/standard.

      And it makes it easier for me to listen to NPR and not feel as biased for or against multiple view points. 😉

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