I have an essay due for English that requires I analyze an image. The only things I have to keep in mind are the audience, keeping it interesting, and that the image have enough to analyze for an essay at least 2-3 pages long. Title, captions and text as part of the image are all fine. A real photograph or an art piece are fine. Wow, does that leave it open ended or what?

So, I would greatly appreciate feedback on whether any of the images below look like they would have enough potential content without me having to explain all of fandom or cultural context and only focus on the concept of the photo? A little explanation is fine. Four paragraphs of lead up before even beginning to analyze the image is not. Clear, yes?

With that being said, in no particular order, here are a few options I’ve found this afternoon.

I am human

“Clara Oswin Oswald, the woman who had enough strength of character to refuse to become a Dalek and maintained her own self and identity. Daleks are a race which has thousands of years of practice destroying other races, including converting them through destroying love, hope, and self-identity.”

The First and the Eleventh

“The First Doctor and his latest incarnation the Eleventh with their always there companion, the Tardis and one of their most terrifying enemies who kill through letting you live, a Weeping Angel.”

Darth Vader vs. The Doctor

“Darth Vader, the fallen hero, vs. The Doctor, the madman hero, as he protects those who cannot protect themselves with nothing but a screwdriver.”

Edward Elric

“Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist daring the viewer to stare at his human and machine self and sitting upon alchemy equations, his doom and salvation.”

Link and Epona facing the world

“Link starts on his adventure with no one but a horse to battle everything that is wrong with the world and save it from the brink of destruction.”


“A quiet moment at a con shared between a father and his child which in most any other circumstance would be considered normal but due to the nature of cons and con-goers, it is seen as contrary.”

Follow your curiosity

“A young man and a child share a moment of discovery where the curiosity of a child overrides the judgment that many adults already have ingrained regarding the young man.”

A Madman with a Box

“The Doctor contemplating what he is to himself and those around him and the only constant in his life.”

A Stairway the the Clouds

“Clara climbing a set of stairs that leads to something which only children still think possible, a home high up in and resting on the clouds.”