Daily Prompt: Nightmares – Creepy crawly things

The last nightmare I remember having was a recurring theme sort of nightmare, though it was a new twist on the theme. I have a nightmare about once every year or so that I am being attacked, or at least covered by thousands and thousands of small insects. The usual culprits are bees or spiders. The most recent dream actually had these *huge* ants that I can only assume are from Africa or the Amazon.

The dreams always start the same. I am laying in my old bedroom in my old daybed and am just about to fall asleep. I feel a tiny tickle on my leg or torso and look down to see a single bee/ant/spider crawling there. In the dream I always freeze at this moment. I can see three more crawling across the or feel them somewhere else on my body if I am covered by a sheet or blanket. Within seconds there are hundreds more crawling up the bedposts and the walls. At this point in the dream I am usually seeing everything from my own eyes and also from a third person POV above and away from the walls. If bees are the culprits they are flying in through the window and the drone of their wings is nearly as terrifying as feeling them crawling all over me.

Within minutes of the dream starting I am covered by thousands of insects/arachnids and they are tickling me with their legs and it is the most terrifying thing because I’m waiting for the first one to bite or sting. I lay absolutely still, hardly breathing. I can’t close my eyes because that would be movement on my face and I’m afraid the ones there will sting me. The ants actually crawled across my eyes. It is usually at that point that I wake up, but sometimes I only wake up after I have been bit or stung, sometimes dozens or hundreds of times. It’s always the same way that I wake up; a gasp and reflex of sitting up, sometimes even jumping off the bed, and scraping my hands across every part of my body to get rid of non-existent creatures.

After dreams like that I cannot fall back asleep for an hour or more. I will wake up again at every twitch of the blanket whether it’s because of a cat or the heater/AC turning on or my husband turning or twitching. I will sometimes even feel phantom creepy-crawlies as I’m falling asleep and wake up all over again.

I think the ants creeped me out the worst because I was pretty sure they were the kind that could actually latch on and control bugs and in my dream way of thinking I knew that if enough bit me they could do the same thing to me. Did I mention the absolute most terrifying dreams I’ve had in years and years? Oh, and everything is in normal colors so I can see the reds and blacks or yellows and blacks of everything creeping across me and obscuring my skin and bedclothes? *shivers*

Yeah, I hate those dreams. Thanks WordPress for bringing them up again.


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