Knitting entry the first: Flora Corona KAL

Hey look! A new thing. A new thing is happening. Cool.

Anywho, the obsessive knitter that I am recently joined a knit along. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s lace, it’s lace with beads. Oh dear.

Project: Flora Corona, a beaded, lace crescent shawl

Featured project for Flora Corona

Not Mine. It is however, the featured project picture for Flora Corona

Designer: Rachel Leggett, Ravelry username arbortwist

Yarn: Apple Tree Knits, plush fingering in Chakra gradient

Chakra gradient

Chakra gradient

Needles: Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz interchangeable circular needles, size 9

Gauge: Not checked, not important for this shawl

Started: October 14th, 2016

Progress: approximately 1/3 of the way through as of October 22nd, 2016

Knit along: Follow on Ravelry, or on instagram using #floracoronakal, end date is November 11, 2016.

Notes: This is my first true lace pattern, my first pattern with beads, and it’s been a ton of fun. I’ve only frogged it once, which for me is a super bonus as I *always* end up frogging new shawls at least twice because I’m still a total newb.

That doesn’t mean this has been a flawless project. Oh no, not at all. I managed to get SSK (slip, slip, knit) and K2T (knit two together) mixed up on the 2nd chart and didn’t realize it until I was on row 19 out of 24. My primary excuse is was really late (early?) and I only glanced at the chart key once at the start of chart 2. Whoops! Honestly, my response was fuck it, that’s just how chart 2 is going to be done for all repeats. I’ll try to make sure chart 3 is correct because I think it will matter a bit more there.

Beads. The beads in this project are my new best friends and have been the only reason I haven’t had to frog this shawl multiple times. The way they line up is perfect for me to know exactly where I’m at on each row by comparing it to where the beads are on previous rows. I may just start adding beads to everything because the extra 15 seconds to place each bead is totally worth it compared to frogging a project a billionty times. Seriously, I’m the queen of fucking up shawls and having to frog them over and over. It’s not limited to shawls, either: Hats, mittens, socks, ponchos, scarves… everything really. Despite all of that I still love this craft and especially this pattern.