a/s/l – 5^2+5-4/that Venus symbol thing/The beautiful state of Colorado

Well, that covers what most people care about, right? Probably not, or probably so, I don’t really know.

Well, if you want to know more, I am a recently married, twenty-something Army trained nurse working at a psychiatric acute treatment unit in metro-Denver. I’m madly in love with my husband (yes, yes, I know, newly weds, yadda yadda yadda, so not ready to actually listen to that) and for some reason or other that is a topic which will frequent my blog. As will my work, politics, my opinions, occasional short stories, and anything else that piques my interest. Oh, I also recently started back to school, so there may be some posts about that too.

Please know that while I enjoy writing and many various topics that I am not a professional or semi-professional writer, nor do I actually know all that much about the world and most everything that I will write on here is opinion or experience based, biased as those both are. Due to my line of work, some of them may be a bit disturbing or unsettling. I won’t apologize but will say that there are some scary things out there in world and I see and hear about a lot more of the personal and private ones than I care to think about.

Honestly, I never know what to say in these about me things. I think that’s enough to get on with.


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